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Abdul Hamid's Mosque situated at village Goaldi in sonargaon thana of Narayanganj district, the mosque is located north of goaldi mosque. It was built in 1705 AD as evidenced by an inscription, and attributed to one Abdul Hamid Shah who lies buried close by. It was originally a single domed square structure with four engaged octagonal corner towers, built in the Mughal style. The mosque measures 5.02m square inside and 6.75m square outside.
The mosque has been renovated several times with a permanent pucca extension on the east and has been further enlarged by temporary tin shed verandahs on the east, north and south sides. There are three entrances in the east, of which the middle one is the largest, and one entrance each on the south and north sides. Renovation and extension have given the mosque a modern look. It is presently being used as a Jami mosque.

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