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Asadhi Purnima a Buddhist religious festival, observed on the day of the full moon in the month of Asadha. The day is associated with gautam buddha's life. It was on this day that he was born, on this day that he left home, renouncing the pleasures of family life and a life of riches, and on this day that, after attaining supreme enlightenment, he gave his first sermon. This first sermon of Buddha is known as dharmachakra pravartan sutra. On this day Buddha demonstrated his divine vision and directed his disciples to perform barsabrata to inspire them towards purification and introspection. He also explained his attainment of wisdom to five of his disciples: Mahanam, Ashvajit, Bappa, Bhadriya and Kondanna. This is the day when the world became aware of the gospel of Buddha. This is why Asadhi Purnima is so significant from both historical and religious points of view.
The primary lesson of Asadhi Purnima is devotion to the ideals of the Lord Buddha, particularly, the ideal of renunciation, because only renunciation brings peace, greatness, liberty and perfect bliss. Cultivating renunciation in life is extremely difficult. That is why one has to strive perpetually to earn the strength and competence for renunciation. Once achieved, this consciousness for renunciation takes the form of an endless resource for eternal life. By renouncing his worldly possessions, his kingdom and his family, Lord Buddha succeeded in becoming the king of the eternal world.
Devout Buddhists visit the viharas to pray and participate in the various functions that mark the day. Buddhist devotees fast on the day.

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