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Overview of Chandana River

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Chandana River an offshoot of the padma, branches out at the village Dahuka of pangsha upazila in rajbari district. The river follows a 30 km long meander course from Pangsha to Kalukhali. Then it continues south for about 20 km through a straight course and joins the Barasia at Arkandi village between Kamarkhali and madhukhali. From this point the river is renamed as the Chandana-Barasia or Chandana-Arkandi. The joint course of the Chandana and the Barasia flows further south through boalmari and kashiani upazilas and debouches into the Gorai-Madhumati north of Bhatia Bazar. The length of this part is about 50 km.
In the past, the Chandana was connected with the gorai and kumar rivers. Actually the Kumar received part of the Gorai flow through the Chandana. But at present, the Chandana is almost disconnected from the Gorai and Kumar due to the shifting of the course of the river, construction of various flood-proofing structures, changing of landscape, etc. The river overspills during the monsoon, but its mouth remains dry in winter.
Overall the river is not navigable and shows no erosion or flood-causing tendency. The bangladesh water development board has taken up various renovation works to maintain the flow of the river.

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