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Dhaka International Buddhist Monastery founded in 1981 by the theravada Buddhist community. It was initially set up in a rented house near the Malibag rail crossing in dhaka. Sundarananda Bhikkhu (Sukomal Barua) was its first principal. From the beginning it played an important role in propagating buddhism and preserving its culture and tradition in Bangladesh.
The monastery moved to its permanent building at Merul Badda in 1989. At the beginning, its activities were conducted by the Dhaka International Buddhist Monastery Committee. Later, this responsibility was taken over by the Bangladesh Buddhist Federation. The monastery has a women's sub-committee to conduct devotional rites. Many dignitaries visit the monastery. Buddhist diplomats posted in Dhaka regularly visit it with their families and take part in religious and cultural ceremonies.
Among the archaeological relics preserved at the monastery are two statues of the Buddha from Thailand. One of the statues, which is 4' 6" high, is made of bronze and weighs about 260 kg. The other, which is made of astadhatu, eight metals, is about 7' high and weighs 777 kg.

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