Gajni Parjatan Center

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Location Type: Forest and Jungle

Gajni Parjatan Center is 220 km far from Dhaka. Where you will find the natural beauty of hills, lakes, forest & lots of birds here, it is a natural tourist spot where you can see the tribal life of our tribes. You can enjoy boating in the lake and also there is a natural waterfall what you will like to watch. If you are lucky, enough you can see the wild elephants in the forest. Other attractions in and around Dhaka include the Institute of Arts and Crafts with its representative collection of folk art and paintings, handicraft shops. Aparajeya Bangla monument, picnic spots at Chandra and Salna, cruising by country boat in the nearby river or a visit to a village to see jute cultivation, weaving and pottery making. Travel by a horse driven cart or rickshaw along busy Dhaka streets is also a rewarding experience.

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