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Home Economics College established in Dhaka in 1961 as a specialised college for women to study home economics and related subjects. It was a constituent college of the university of dhaka with the status of an independent department. Initially, it was affiliated with the Ford Foundation, Oklahoma State University, USA, and the government of East Pakistan. In 1961, the classes of the college started in a building of eden girls' college at Azimpur. Later, it was shifted to its own premises adjacent to that college. Dhaka University and Ford Foundation monitored the academic side of the college while the government of East Pakistan used to regulate the financial side. Necessary initiatives and intellectual guidance to create effective syllabi for the graduation programme of the college were provided by Dhaka University, Lahore Home Economics College and Karachi Home Economics College.
Up to 1971, the Ford Foundation regularly appointed two academic advisors for two-years terms to formulate syllabi, advise on books and resources for laboratories, and provide other academic cooperation. The Dean of Home Economics Department of Oklahoma State University was the representative of the Ford Foundation in charge of guiding the college in academic matters. The Founder Principal of the college was Mrs. Hamida Khatun. She was assisted by teachers trained in different disciplines of Home Economics under Ford Foundation fellowships.
M Sc courses were introduced in the college in 1963. The college introduced BSc honours courses in Home Economics in 1973. It now offers Honours and Masters courses in Food and Nutrition, Home Management and Housing, Child Development and Family Relations, Applied Art, and Clothing and Textiles. In 1997-98, Dhaka University transformed the status of Home Economics College from a constituent college to an affiliated one. In 2001, the college had around 6,000 students and 52 teachers.

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