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Ichamati River an old river, once well-known as the main river on the west of Dhaka. The river originates from the south of Jafarganj opposite to the mouth of the hurasagar near Nathpur Factory and runs towards Joginighat in Munshiganj. Five pilgrimage ghats [Panchatirtha ghat]-Tirthaghat, Agla, Solepur, Barunighat and Joginighat stand along the river. Joginighat is situated at the confluence of the brahmaputra and the Ichamati. Ichamati is the name of another channel originating from the ganges at Rayta, northwest of Bheramara in Kushtia. The river first flows west and then follows a southerly direction through Kushtia. The Ichamati is a trans-boundary rivers and enters India at Darshana. Then it flows south along the Bangladesh-India border and is renamed as the Kalindi at Debhata upazila of Satkhira district. It falls into the bay of bengal as the Hariabhanga. Again, there is another river of the name Ichamati in Dinajpur and the map of James Rennel shows that the Ichamati of Dhaka and the Ichamati of Dinajpur are the same river. According to a number of hydrologists, these three Ichamati rivers, in the past were a single channel.

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