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The use of clay items was limited to Hari of curd, planter, lid & hari for cooking in kitchen in a village & city as well brass, steel, plastic, wrought iron took the place of fragile clay items but destroyed the thousand years of tradition and heritage. "IDEAS" started to work for modernizing the design, shape of the clay ornaments, potteries, and new uses of "terracotta". The increase of utility or use, change in design in clay ornaments and also to change the view of the users - "IDEAS" makes the first step in whole Bangladesh. From drawing room to fashion design "IDEAS" is the pioneer, started to market since 1993 at "Shahbagh : Aziz Super Market". Since then the clay items come to decorate our drawing room, corridor, garden, office & showroom- from garden & kitchen. Now-a-days there are so many showrooms of handicrafts in Bangladesh started display & sell clay potteries and ornaments. Thus, the new era started that helped reviving terracotta with the respect to our tradition. "IDEAS" fussed it with western liberal thought that made the products transcendental. While most of the potter's or "Kumars" were leaving their hundred years old profession because of the imported items and lack of modernity- "IDEAS" showed them the way of coming back happily to their own profession.
IDEAS started with clay items and crafts from a small corner of the bookshop belong to their father Md. Abu Khaled. By working heart and soul the whole family struggled a lot to change the taste and habit of customers. IDEAS is grateful to some senior and junior artists, friends, workers who worked, helped and encouraged our works. Besides, clay items IDEAS is also selling handmade papers, wrapping papers, greetings card, for all occasions both Bangladeshi and international. Gift items of jute, wood, bamboo, clay are perfect for all occasions from birthday, Valentine day to wedding. The designs of the cards holding our rich cultural and natural heritage of folk motifs with a modern wave. What made us special from any other craft shop is we also take the customer's valuable remarks. Always try to create something new- are the main characteristics of IDEAS both in decorative items and ornaments. Some of them have no duplicate copy.
Clay decoration items of IDEAS are lampshades in different shape, design, as: pumpkin, hurricane, owls, hanging lampshade, well clock, flower vases, planters, statue, terracotta murals, wall tub for plants or lighting, fruits bowl, mug, penholder, candle-stand, tray, lid pots, ornament box, wall decors - in different shape design.

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Prices of the items are :
  1. Clay potteries : Tk. 70.00 - 2,000.00
  2. Lampshades : Tk. 300.00 - 3,000.00
  3. Terracotta : Tk. 100.00 - 5,000.00
  4. Candle stand : Tk. 30.00 - 200.00
  5. Clay ornaments : Tk. 100.00 - 600.00
  6. Jute bags : Tk. 25.00 - 300.00
  7. Greeting cards : Tk. 20.00 - 200.00
60, Aziz Super Market (GF) Shahbagh, Dhaka-1000 Bangladesh
Phone : 8802-8626201
E-mail : :

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