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Jangalbari Fort is now in ruins and is situated in the village of Jangalbari (Jangalbadi) under Karimganj Upazila of Kishoreganj district. According to local traditions, isa khan took over this fort from Laksmana Singh Hajra after mansingh had defeated him in the battle of egarasindhur. Possibly, neither Laksmana Hajra nor Isa Khan was the original builder of the fort. Brickbats and potsherds found outside the site of the fort, especially on its south, west, and northwest, appear to be from the pre-Muslim period and indicate that the fort was built prior to the advent of the Muslims and was once the centre of a flourishing settlement. However, Isa Khan should be credited for erecting a number of structures inside the fort area. After musa khan's acknowledgement of Mughal suzerainty, the descendants of Isa Khan transferred their families from sonargaon to Jangalbari Fort and eventually became the zamindars of the adjoining territory. Haybat Khan, grandson of Musa Khan, established the town of Haybat Nagar, from where he administered his portion of the seven parganas. Descendants of Isa Khan still live in the village of Jangalbari.

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