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Location Type: Forest and Jungle

Modhupur picnic spot is 155 km from Dhaka and is of great historical importance. It is a forest park where lots of picnic party comes in winter season.
Modhupur National Park is about 80 miles or 155 KM distance from Dhaka and that will take about 1 or 1.15 munites. At Tangail (Elenga), turn right to go towards Modhupur forest or Modhupur National Park. You can go to Royal resort from Modhupur National Park, because It is only 20 minutes road from the Royal resort. It is easily accessible throughout the year and is bisected by an 8km-long semi-metalled road from Rasulphur to Dokhola.

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1. 3 (three) rest houses and youth hostel
2. Forest Directorate have been provided 7(seven) picnic spots.

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