Panamnagar Bridge

Overview of Panamnagar Bridge

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Location Type: Architectural Edifice

Panamnagar Bridge a small one arched humped bridge situated on the western extremity of Panamnagar in sonargaon, on the east of the pucca road few yards south of Dalalpur pul. The bridge, over a narrow trench, connects Panamnagar with the main road.
The pathway of the bridge is formed of bricks arranged circularly. These circles of bricks are kept in place by several large pillars of basalt laid flat at the toe or the rise of the bridge. Its length is 21.95m and width 4.72m. The bridge originally had towers at its sides, which flanked a gateway. The architectural style dates the bridge as a structure of the Mughal period, and it appears to have been built later than the panam bridge.

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