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Paus Sangkranti a Hindu festival, also known as pausparvan or makar samkranti (marking the transition of the sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn, in Magh). It is commonly believed that a dip in the Ganges on this day washes away all sins. It is also the time to begin the vow of dadhi samkranti. In some areas it is the time for a new crop festival marked by making cakes in every home.
During paus samkranti, Hindus recite rhymes to announce the return of the month of Paus and to wish everyone's well-being. On this occasion a sheaf of paddy, known as bauni or tying of bauri, is tied to a pole of the house. In Bangladesh people observe the day by worshipping the dwelling place. For the occasion a crocodile, made of earth, is placed on a raised platform and worshipped. rabindranath tagore introduced Paus festival at Santiniketan to mark the harvesting of winter crop.

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