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The Ramna Kali Mandir also known as the Ramna Kalibari (house of the Hindu Goddess Kali) was one of the most famous Hindu temples of the Indian subcontinent. It was believed to be over a thousand years old and was situated in Dhaka (capital of present day Bangladesh on the outskirts of the Ramna Park (now renamed as Suhrawardy Udyan). The temple was bulldozed by the Pakistan Army on 27th March 1971 as it commenced its genocide during the Bangladesh Liberation War.
The Ramna Kali Mandir must be rebuilt at the same spot where it originally stood. Bangladesh governments in the recent past have promised to rebuild the temple but not at the original site. The temple must be rebuilt at the original site. This cannot be compromised.
The Hindu community must come together with renewed zeal to pursue the construction of the great temple. The demand for construction of the temple at it's original site can become a national movement. The success of the Ramna Kali Mahamandir movement can well be symbolic of the Hindus of Bangladesh. With the successful construction of the temple, the Hindu community of Bangladesh will no doubt be filled with renewed zeal and unity to find their right, respectful place in Bangladeshi society.
The temple must be, as proposed, accompanied with a memorial; a reminder to our future generations. The temple must be of a scale no less than it's original form. Let this temple be the pivot of the Hindu movement in Bangladesh.

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