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Khagrachari hill district (east-southern region of Bangladesh) is full of hills and waterfalls. The people of hilly areas usually live on the top of the hills. The major problem for them is the crisis of drinking water on such height.
The people in the hill areas are still deprived and don't have the civil facilities such as sanitation, proper education and economy.
Sapchari waterfall is situated in Khagrachari Hill district and about 115 km north from Chittagong town. The waterfall is near to the sapchari village and is emerged out Alutila Hill Range situated by the Chengi River.
One may go to Khagrachari by bus from chittagong city. From Khagrachari bus terminal using rickshaw or some other means s/he may reach at Khabangpujjya. Then across the Chengi river the Sapchari village is situated. In the south of the Sapchari village the Sapchari waterfall is located.
The landscape is very charismatic and the whole view of Khagrachari town can be observed from the top of the waterfall.

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