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Shahjalal University of Science and Technology established at Kumargaon, sylhet in 1987 under the University Act No LXVII of 1986 of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. It is the first science and technology university of the country and its physical facilities are developed on an area of 310 acres. The university started its operations on 14 February 1991 with three departments (Physics, Chemistry, and Economics), 13 teachers, and 205 students. At present, it has 5 faculties and 13 departments, around 3,000 students, 215 faculty members and 254 supporting staff. The two residential halls of the university accommodate about one thousand students. The university central library has a collection of 13,175 books. Four colleges are affiliated to the university.
The disciplines under the School of Applied Sciences are electronics and computer science, chemical technology and polymer science, environmental engineering and pollution control, industrial and production engineering, and forestry. School of Physical Sciences include physics, chemistry, mathematics and statistics. The departments under the School of Social Sciences are those of sociology, social work, anthropology, economics, and political studies and public affairs. School of Business offers programme in business administration. In addition to regular academic activities, students of the university take part in socio-cultural activities through its debating club, photographic association, film society, science club, tourist club, Rover-scout club etc.
The university has a plan to incorporate few more disciplines in near future. These include demography, genetics, biotechnology, mineralogy, petroleum technology, earth science, tea and jute technology, fibre technology, architecture and urban and rural planning. Also, a Modern Language Institute is going to be established very soon to teach languages such as English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, French and Japanese. The central library is connected with Local Area Network and has a plan to connect facilities with the best libraries of the world.
For the culture and practice of free and innovative thinking and for mixing and exchanging of views among the teachers and students, the university is building a modern Teachers and Students Centre (TSC). Other projects include construction of an auditorium, seven residential halls for the boys and three residential halls for the girls, a stadium, a sports complex with swimming pool, a gymnasium, a clinic with all modern facilities, and a school and a college for the children of the faculty members and other supporting staff. A multipurpose shopping mall with modern facilities will also be built to meet the demand of the teachers, students and staff.

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