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The Supreme Court of Bangladesh is the highest court of law in Bangladesh. It is composed of the High court division and the Appellate division and was created by Part VI Chapter I of the Constitution of Bangladesh.

The highest judiciary of the country is the Supreme Court Of Bangladesh. It is the creation of the constitution. Part 4 of constitution contains the provision of the supreme court. It commenced with Article 94 ending in article 113.The important provisions are indexed here; Art.94.Establishment of Supreme Court. Art.95.Appointment of Judges. Art.96.Tenure of office of Judges. Art.97.Temporary appointment of Chief Justice. Art.98.Additional supreme couirt Judge. Art.99.Disability of Judges. Art.100.Seat of Supreme court. Art.101.Jurisdiction of High court Division. Art.102.Power of High Court Division to issue certain ordersand directions. Art.103.Jurisdiction of Appllate Division.

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