The Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque

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The Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque on Lalbagh road is situated less than half a kilometre west of the Lalbagh Fort, in an area called Atish Khana in old Dhaka. Two Persian inscriptions - one over the central archway and the other over the central Mihrab, speak of its construction during 1704-05 AD by one Khan Muhammad Mridha. The name of the mosque is after its builder. The large platform is 38.10m from north to south and 28.96m from east to west. It's height is about 5.18m from the ground level. Underneath the platform, are vaulted rooms on all sides except the eastern side. In the eastern side, there is a stairway which ends with a gateway aligning the central doorway of the mosque proper. It is through this gateway that one can reach the top of the platform.

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