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Yusufganj Mosque (Sonargaon) situated at village Yusufganj in Sonargaon upazila of Narayanganj district, about 500 meter to the west of the Mograpara crossing of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway and about 1000 metre to the east of Dargahbari on the northern side of the road that leads to Mograpara. The mosque is now in a renovated condition, and although much of its original features have been lost, its antiquity can be traced back to the 15th century in view of its having some characteristics of sultanate architecture.
The square mosque (9m a side outside and 5.5m a side in the interior) has three entrances on the east; the central one (1.2m wide) is wider than those on its either side (86 cm wide). The original entrances on the north and south have now been turned into windows. There are three mihrabs in the interior, the central one being projected outside with a half dome and the side mihrabs are now converted into shelves. The dome of the mosque is carried on squinches, and its outer merlon decoration appears to be modern. The pointed arches of the entrances have lost their original shape due to plastering, and the original curved cornice has now been straightened.
Extensive renovation has given the mosque a modern look. It is extended by pucca roofed closed verandas on the south and east sides. It has grilled windows on the walls. A staircase has been added in the southwest corner. Both the interior and exterior have been plastered, lime washed and painted. In the process all original decorations have been obliterated. The mosque is presently being used as a jami mosque.

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