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Geography of Rajbari

Rajbari (Town) consists of 9 wards and 31 mahallas. The area of the town is 12.14 sq km. The town has a population of 48014; male 50.54%, female 49.46%. The density of population is 3955 per sq km. The literacy rate among the town people is 54.2%. Rajbari is a railway town. Its expansion and development took place with the growth of rail communication and railway establishments. The Rajbari Municipality was established in 1923. Historically, the majority of the town's population was the Hindus and they dominated in education, culture, sports and other areas. Rajbari of Lakhsmi Dhol is notable. Many sufi saints including Shah Farid (thirteen century), Shah Ali Bogdadi, Shah Pahloan, Shah Sadullah, Pir Jangi and Khan Jahan Ali (15th century) came here to preach Islam. The town has one duckbanglow, one Circuit House and six residential hotels.

Religion in Rajbari District

The district of Rajbari consists mosques, temples, Buddhist temples and churches.

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