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Geography of Satkhira

Satkhira District with an area of 3858.33 km2, It is bounded by jessore district on the north, the bay of bengal on the south, khulna district on the east, Pargana district of west bengal on the west. Annual average temperature is maximum 35.5°C, minimum 12.5°C; annual rainfall 1710 mm.
The main rivers are Morichap,Kholpotua,Betna,Raimangal, Hariabhanga, Ichamati, Betrabati and kalindi-jamuna. Population 1843194; male 50.54%, female 49.46%; Muslim 78.08%; Hindu 21.45%, Christian 0.28%, Buddhist 0.01% and others 0.18%. . The literacy movement name is Uddiptya Satkhira. Health centers: Zila sadar hospital 1, upazila health complex 7, child hospital 1.
Satkhira subdivision was established in 1861 under Jessore district. It was included into Khulna district in 1882. The subdivision was turned into a district in 1984 as a result of the administrative decentralisation. The district consists of 2 municipalities, 7 upazilas, 79 union parishads, 8 thana and 1436 villages.
The upazilas are
1. Satkhira sadar
2. Assasuni
3. Debhata
4. Kalaroa
5. Kaliganj
6. Shyamnagar
7. Tala
8. Patkelghata-New
The municipalities are
1. Satkhira Sadar
2. Kalaroa

Religion in Satkhira District

The district of Satkhira consists mosques, temples, Buddhist temples and churches.

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